Thursday, 25 October 2007

Sue's balloon trip

For Sue's birthday, I decided to take her up in a hot air balloon (well, I didn't 'drive'), as she had once planned to go up, but it was on the day Diana died, so it was cancelled and she didn't go. She had never re-organised it, so I thought it was time she went.
This is Sue and her daughter Amy, as the balloon was being inflated.
One minute we were taking photo's, the next - WHOOOOSH! we were UP!

A happy bunny

Whatstandwell, and the old wire works

The Virgin balloon, which took off from the same place, but just before us.
Flying over Crich tramway museum

Crich stand, a memorial to the Sherwood foresters.
What keeps us afloat, the burner, and it was very hot on our heads!

Ogston reservoir.

Virgin balloon lands, after only 40 minutes - we had over an hour!

Looking down from the basket.

Still smiling, Sue and Ogston reservoir.
LANDED! A spot-on drop into Walton hospital grounds, near Chesterfield.
We were trying to hold the balloon from being blown into a tree behind it.

Here she is, the birthday girl after her flight.
Ride in a ballooon - DONE!


Needlelacer said...

That looks like a fantastic trip - very good photos too.

Belated Happy Birthday, Sue. xxx

Kris said...

Well written article.

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