Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Offerton & Eyam moors

This weeks walk was from Hathersage, and took us over Offerton and Eyam moors. The weather forecast was for a changeable day, and that's just what we got!
The sky looked very angry as we continued our first climb of the day.
From this picture, rain looks imminent, doesn't it?

Ten minutes later - and it looked like this.
You can see that's the same hill in the distance (Win hill).

I am always the optimist, and today saw the first outing of my shorts!

What a stunning view from this farmhouse.
That's Hathersage in the dip.

One minute we were ready to unzip the coats, and almost took them off......
.....but it's a good job we didn't, as it was really chilly up on the tops.
We crossed this moor, and dropped into the hamlet of Abney.

I didn't take this on the day, it was taken a few days later but is such a nice picture, i thought I'd include it. Half an hour after it was taken, the snow had melted off the daffodils.

This lovely clump was in Abney.
The beautiful path through the woods down Abney clough to Stoke ford.

Looking back to Stoke ford.
The view to Higger tor (left) and Bamford edge.

Sue takes the climb out of Abney clough in her stride.

The light today really accentuated the drystone walls and the patterns they make.

The long climb up to Eyam moor.

This is usually a good place to stand for a pose - but not today, it was REALLY windy.

A last look back in sunshine - five minutes later, the rain set in and I put the camera away.

But - I COULDN'T resist taking a picture of this. It MUST be the most horrible caravan I've ever seen! God knows what they thought when they did this.

This is a short video of the panorama from lovely Callow farm.

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