Sunday, 11 May 2008

A walk through an English bluebell wood

As usual, I went to see the bluebells in the most FANTASTIC wood I've ever seen. It's at Oakerthorpe, near Alfreton, Derbyshire. I was actually maybe three days late, as they had JUST gone past their best, but they were still very impressive! See what you think. The text will be concise, as all the pics are of the bluebells. There are four short videos at the end of this blog entry, and you can click on them to watch them. Sorry they're not very high quality, but it's the best my digital camera will do. To be fair, it's really a stills camera.
This first shot is the path just after entering the wood. The scent is incredible and very strong! I just can't get enough of it though.
Looking back from the same spot - you can see the entry stile.
The bluebells stop abruptly after that stile?

The banks either side of the path are just a blue swathe.
I just can't tell you how much this annual pilgrimage lifts me!

The bees seem to like the flowers too. I'd love some of the bluebell honey, but I've never seen any for sale. I wonder why?

Here he goes - busy as you like.

Scientists say that the bumblebee CAN'T fly - it's not aerodynamically possible!

(Someone should tell the bee)

Looking to the right.

A low shot to show the concentration of bluebells.

I took my soulmate Sue with me - she loves the bluebells as much as me.

A low, close study of the lovely bluebell.

A huge blue swathe, all over the place.

A great close shot of a bee collecting his pollen.

Here he is, in full flight, looking for his next batch of nectar.

The most wonderful avenue I know!

At the end of the walk, a good view of Wingfield Manor, one of the many places the tragic Mary, Queen of Scots, was incarcerated.

Here are the videos - ENJOY!

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