Saturday, 18 October 2008

Autumn colours, and the BEST place for lunch!

I went to Matlock Bath to meet up with my daughter for lunch. Of course, I took the camera, as the leaves are at their best now. It inspired me as well, so Sue & I, instead of walking home for lunch, drove to Beresford dale just beyond Hartington, for a picnic and to take some photo's. Here are the results - I hope you like them.

Here's Matlock Bath from the river.
The building on the ridge is the treetops cafe. Not a bad view for them.
The park, deserted mid week.
The fountain in the park.

Copper carpet.
Here we go, some people like motorway cafes, others a nice, warm canteen. Sue & I love this sort of place, and we're lucky to have it on the doorstep.

I think we were maybe just a couple of days off perfect here, but it was still lovely.
I think last weekend would have seen the leaves at their best.

Looking up Beresford dale.
If you walked up this path and just kept going, you would end up in Hartington in about 3/4 of an hour.

The Beresford dale road ends here at the river.
A super place for a picnic at any time of year, but I love it best when it's this colour.

One of the small weirs, created so the fish would populate the river, and to control flow.

Now, with the water 'laced' with my new camera by making the shutter stay open longer.

The riverbank and its carpet of leaves.

There's Sue, waiting for the picnic!

I crossed the bridge to get this shot of Beresford lane, where the car was parked.
The river was quite full, after the recent rains.

This is the 'squeezer stile' for the bridge.
Note the 'hole' lower down to allow you to get your boots through.
It's amazing to think these things were all cut by hand, look at the lovely decoration, there was really no need or purpose for that, it was just simple pride in the job.

The new bridge in the dale.
An upright shot of the lane to show the trees more.

It's all just water under the bridge!

Lovely light through the trees.
Finally, as we were driving back for our afternoon stint, refreshed by our picnic in paradise, I couldn't resist taking this shot of the lovely walls on the hills around Hartington. I always say this, but a photo doesn't do the scene justice, it was really beautiful, and the sky was so lovely and blue.

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