Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Alstonefield, Wolfscote and Milldale.

An up and down dale walk today. We parked at the small village of Alstonefield, and headed off to Lower Hurst farm.

This beautiful granite bull resides there in the grounds.

Heading into the open fields.

One of many derelict Peak District barns. Sad, really.

Galloway belties were grazing in the fields.

Sue makes her way carefully along the precarious path above Wolfscote dale.

Looking over the dale, cut up by shadows.

After enjoying the views from the ridge, we descended steeply down Gypsy bank to Wolfscote dale.

The bridge to Wolfscote dale.

Rocky limestone crags above Wolfscote dale.

We followed the dale towards Beresford dale, passing the crags that are a favourite of hawks for nesting.

The light was starting to cast golden now, so we knew days end was closing in.
Time to get a move on.

The beautiful wooden bridge, set amongst the horse chestnut trees in Beresford dale.

A patch of Jews ear fungi.

A patch of fungi, slowly breaking down a tree stump.

Days end :-)

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