Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Monsal Magic

On Monday night, straight after work, we went up to Monsal head with our dinner and a bottle of wine, then just sat and watched the sun go down. It was wonderful.
Monsal head is a Derbyshire beauty spot that is just a short drive from where we live in Bakewell. I had been meaning to do this fior weeks now, and I can now say that it's a really moving spectacle, and one I will be seeing again, many more times.

Susie gets the dinner out - a nice (home made) red Thai curry & a bottle of red wine.
The sun sets

Looking up the viaduct side of the dale, the sun sets to the right of this view.
This is what it looks like as the sun slides down over the ridge.
Beautiful, isn't it? The camera can't tell the full majesty of this, I really can't begin to do it justice with words or pictures - but this is my best effort.

The last rays - and the lovely silhouettes.

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