Saturday, 19 July 2008

Short Hartington walk

Today we just did a short walk starting from Hartington, home of the famous Stilton cheese.
We got an early surprise when we set off, as we saw this car....noticed the strange registration, then realised what it was. It was one of a special edition Morris Minor to mark the 1,000,000th Minor sold. They were all done in this (horrible) colour.

A set of steps that has had a LOT of feet up it.
If only they could talk.

Looking over the wall from the track out of Hartington, heading towards Biggin dale.
The meadows are really a joy to behold.

This fine example of a red poppy did not escape my notice (or lens).

Looking down Biggin dale.

At the end of the dale, the path joins with Wolfscote dale.
There's this big rock, which I HAD to climb........

That's me waving, no zoom on this one.

The others were not impressed, and walked off!

A thistle fronts this lovely sky.

A gorgeous bunch of marsh marigolds.

The path walks gently by the river, and this shot shows that there were few people about today.

At the end of Wolfscote, a look back reveals this lovely house set in the woods.

And that was it - as I said, only about 7 miles, and a little overcast, so not as many pictures today. A nice little walk all the same.

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Needlelacer said...

Some people NEVER grow up ! lol

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