Tuesday, 29 July 2008

A walk around Bakewell to Rowsley

On Tuesday, we did a very short walk of only 4.5 miles. We'd had a very busy and hot week, and felt we needed to take it a bit easy on our day off this week. Still, that didn't stop me having a go on a rope swing we found!
Not too many pics, but a lovely walk through the local manners woods to Rowsley.

The walk started from our door, and headed up over Bakewell golf course. See the hammer and metal 'bell'? You have to ring this to let golfers know you're crossing.
Safely over the course, this is the view back.
With the zoom, you can just see the church spire.

It was a lovely, hot and sunny day, but we had the trees to shelter us from the hot rays.

This time of year is great for foraging in the woods, as there are lots of small, sweet raspberries to pick and eat. We saw evidence of lots more to come - this time blackberries, we estimated in about three weeks time.

The foxgloves are out too, and make a nice foreground for any picture.

A simple plant, but I like to see it - the fern. This is one of natures BEST examples of a 'fractal' (a snowflake is another). A fractal is a simple shape, repeated over and over. If you look at the fern leaf as a whole, it's a sort of xmas tree shape. Then, if you look at one of the smaller fronds on that leaf, it's the same shape. Look deeper, even the pattern ON the frond is the same!

This is me, just about to launch myself on a rope swing we found in the woods.
I really should grow up, before I hurt myself!

On walks, if you keep your eyes peeled, you can see SO much. This little toad crossed our path.

We emerged from the woods to a beautiful sky. The view back to Bakewell was lovely too.

Rosebay willow herb (I think).
'Only a weed'. some might say.
Not me!

A cheeky horse - no need for that!

One more short section of woods before we emerged to join a minor track, and reach our goal - Rowsley. We went to the local pub for lunch before making our way home.
The Peacock at Rowsley.
A really nice place to look at, but the stone peacock on the roof is the 'piece de resistance'.

After that, we just caught a bus back to Bakewell.
A steady, relaxing day, but we needed it.

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