Thursday, 4 December 2008

A day out in Nottingham

No walk this week, as we planned a trip to Nottingham to see the lights & the German market.
On the way, we got off the tram to take a trip around the arboretum. It's a place my Mum used to take me, and I hadn't been since I was about 12 years old. I vaguely remembered some of it (like the aviary), so it was good to refresh my memory.
I really liked this cast iron 'tree roots' artwork on the end of the benches there.
This is the old bandstand.
A bit sad-looking, all shut up for winter, but I bet it's seen some good summer nights!
The Chinese bell tower.

Close up of the bell (well, it's a replica now, like so many old artifacts)
Here's why it's a replica.
The lake and fountain.
These flower beds are amazing in spring and summer.
Now though, they are asleep under the frosts of winter but you can still see the outline of a duck design in the plants.
The old aviary. It's full of budgies and cockatiels, just like when it was I was a lad.
How many of you can remember drinking from fountains like this when you were kids?
They used to be EVERYWHERE, but all sadly disappeared (no doubt due to health and safety - you see, people died in their MILLIONS by drinking from these.......NOT!)
Then we got to Nottingham.
There was an ice rink set up in the old market square, in front of the council house.
We also noticed the new statue to Brian Clough, manager of Nottingham Forest football club.
He took the club to many wins.

We then went for lunch in a place the Corner House.
This is a view of the city through the Xmas lights.

A lovely city street.
The new fountains in the old market square.

There were some lovely decorations in the arcade - this is Sue & I at the main tree.

On the market was my favourite stall - the German sausages.
In past years, they couldn't cook them fast enough to satisfy demand. This year they seemed VERY quiet - the credit crunch, maybe??

A view along the stalls of the market.
And that was it - we made our way home before the rush hour, then went to Buxton to see
'The Messiah by candlelight' at the theatre.
We're hoping to do a walk next week, so watch this space!

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I missed this entry entirely!!! NOW have caught up! Keep warm!

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