Sunday, 21 December 2008

A few pictures from around Bakewell

Just a few snaps from around Bakewell.
Happy Xmas to you all,
My lovely walk down to work, which I NEVER tire of.
A sea of mist in the Bakewell valley.
Bakewelll church in the morning light.
Bell ringing practice every Thursday.
And what a beautiful sound it is!
A look up into the wintry trees.
We decided to watch the sunset last week.
The temperature inversion left the river all misty and lovely.

The small bridge at Ashford in the Water.
The sun sets over a house just outside Ashford.
And then I got this great shot of an old tree and the crimson skies.
Looking over Monsal dale from the road at sunset.
The final rays of the day.
Goodbye 2008, welcome 2009.
I hope you all enjoyed the pictures over the year, I'll continue to post more in the coming year.

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