Saturday, 27 December 2008

Xmas night in Bakewell

Last year, on Xmas night, we took a stroll around Bakewell. It was lovely to see all the lights on the trees, and the traffic-free streets. I took photo's, but a lot of them were blurred. This year, I have a new SLR camera, and a tripod, so I hope I've done a better job! You can be the judge, as my efforts are below.
Please remember, you can left click on any of the pictures to see a larger version. The tree at night is well worth looking at full size. Just click on the 'back arrow' (right at the top, left of your screen) to return to the blog page.

This is Monyash road.
Here is Bakewells Xmas tree, in the centre (to the left of the war memorial).
It's not a very grand affair, but better than last years, which blew over after just two days, and the result after re-erection was like a pile of branches!
Just below the tree, a really nice model of the Nativity.
The Rutland arms hotel & war memorial.

Water street, with riccis cafe on the left.

Looking up Water street to the Pudding parlour.

Water lane. Not many Christmas trees on here. This year has seen a record low in the number of businesses putting a council tree up. A great shame, as it really brightens and cheers the town up after dark.

The lovely window at Wye accessories.
A lone tree by the river, lit up by a street lamp.
The swans and ducks came over to see if I had any bread.
I was looking forward to some really nice shots of the bridge, but I was amazed to find that the council don't light it up at night!! That really would look nice as it's a natural for that sort of thing.

Bridge street.

...and an arty one with car lights....

And finally, Matlock street. Then it was home to settle down for the night.

Merry Christmas to all my readers. I hope you all had a good time, and best wishes to everyone for the new year.
Les :-)

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Peaches said...

Lovely lovely!!!! And to all, a good night! Love, Peaches

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