Saturday, 21 February 2009

Foggy foray to Fernilee

We just did a short walk this week, as we met up with Sues sisters. Mind you, it wasn't much good, weather wise, so the best place to be was the pub.............if ONLY we could FIND it!!!!

I wrote the walk, and we managed to eventually set off, after us sitting in our car in the lay-by opposite the Cat & Fiddle pub (second highest pub in England), and Sues sisters and brothers in law sitting on the other side of the road in the pub car park for fifteen minutes!
We couldn't see each other for the fog.
Thank goodness for text messages!

Anyway, we walked down the road, and tried to get a coffee at the cafe to see if the fog would clear while we waited. It was closed, so we set off along this path towards Errwood hall.
We walked the ridge in the fog and, as we dropped down, the murk did clear a little when we descended to Fernilee reservoir, but not much.
It was a pleasant path to Errwood hall, lined with Rhododendron bushes.
They were ready to bloom, by the look of things. One warm weekend, and I reckon they'll be out.

This one looked like some sort of serpent with its tongue out!
The remains of the once-impressive Errwood Hall.
The Wikipedia reading is good, the link is above the first photo.

After lunch at the hall (sounds really flash, doesn't it), we dropped down to the reservoir.
It was still foggy, but at least the water was fairly still, and I got some nice reflections pics.

Can you spot the trick here?

And here? - the photo's are upside down.
There was a lovely riverside path which we took.
Although the road through the Goyt valley was quiet mid-week, it was still nice to get away from the Tarmac.
All around us, due to the recent rains, the streams were alive with waterfalls.

And, if you take care to look, you can see a very old packhorse bridge in the valley.

Here we all are, nearing the end of the walk.
We climbed out of the valley and made our way back to the Cat & Fiddle pub.
It hadn't cleared much since this morning - in fact it was probably WORSE!
We all enjoyed a nice meal there, and a pint of good beer (which was nice and clear).

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