Thursday, 5 February 2009

snowy Bakewell by night

This week, as in most places, it snowed. I mean, IT SNOWED!
I couldn't resist getting out at night with my camera.

This is the top of 'the butts'
The gate to the cottage where we live is just on the right.
Golden light through the trees.
Street light and snow
Halfway down 'the butts'.
Lower butts.
Looking up the Monyash road.
And looking down it.
Bakewell town centre on a snowy night.

1 comment:

Peaches said...

My word, that IS a ton of snow!!! Beautiful night shots, Les. Glad you have a good bathtub for soaking in hot water! Keep warm! Raining here like crazy!! Love to you and Sue, Peaches

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