Friday, 27 February 2009

Rime ice

These are some pictures I took on Shining Tor. This phenomenon is known as 'Rime Ice'. It's the stuff that brings planes down and sinks ships! These show an ordinary wire sheep fence that has been transformed into what looks like a huge waffle. In the picture, you can see the section of fence to the right has 'dropped' its Rime ice, you can see it on the ground below, but the section on the left retains it and has that 'waffle' look.
Don't forget, this is the same thin wire fence, it's just that the section on the left has the ice on, the section on the right doesn't.

There's also a stone wall which has been affected. That looked like cyclists helmets, really weird! This is the only time I've seen this effect in such detail and quantity.
Click on the pictures to see a bigger version.
This is the drystone wall - it looked incredible!
The shapes were beautiful, and all formed by wind and cold.
It almost looks like running water that has suddenly frozen.

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Peaches said...

First time I have heard of rime ice. Gorgeous patterns! Shivering here!!!Peaches XXX

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